“Sitting on the patio , cup of garam chai and pakoda in this soothing weather is something I enjoy the most, “, recalls actress Jyoti Saxena on her favorite monsoon season


Mumbai News, 01 July 2022 : One of the seasons that we await all year long is the monsoon. The sudden change in the environment brings in a calming feel to us with the sound of raindrops tickling our senses to utmost joy. And as Mumbaikars, we look forward to enjoying this season to the fullest. Jyoti Saxena, who hails from Mumbai, a city famous of for its “Baarish ka mausam” shares with us her favorite memories from the season.

Ah!, Monsoon, is the season that I always wait for and cherish. I have always loved rain way too much. Monsoon makes me feel connected to my inner self & the pure breeze brings in a sense of calm and sheer joy. This kinda’ of crazy cozy season definitely makes me call for a cup of Garma garam chai and pakados to enjoy and when coupled with a book makes me super thrilled.
Nothing could be better than this for me, as in my developing years, my father would get us all together to enjoy the rains as family & we would have fun singing songs with hot chai and yummy snacks made at home. Now for me, monsoon will always be incomplete as am unable to recreate those priceless moments with my late father, but I will always deeply cherish those memories
I still feel him around me when I sit on the patio and enjoy the rain. These memories are something that will be in me forever as no one can replace then” , exclaims actress Jyoti Saxena.

The actress also further reveals that an ideal romantic date should be in this season . She revealed , “My idea of a perfect romantic date would be a long drive on a rainy day with my favorite person ,followed by a candlelight dinner at a resort located by the beach”

Listening to those adorable memories of Jyoti Saxena, along with her father and enjoying Chai and Pakoda, is making us to rush and have these same moments with our father.


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