Disaster management preparedness drill at Surajkund international Crafts Mela

Faridabad News, 06 Feb 2019 : A disaster management drill was jointly carried out by the Administration, Police, Fire Department and health department at the Surajkund International Crafts Mela premises. The drill was an orientation program for the teams from various departments.
The orientation program was directed towards educating the personnel deployed at the Surajkund Mela to be alert and prepared for any untoward incident. Various aspects of disaster management were discussed and techniques of tacking and handling an emergency situation were demonstrated.
From tackling a medical emergency to fire disaster, important instructions were given to the personnel and teams, to condition them for alertness and quick thinking in case any situation arises. The medical team displayed basic medical treatment like first aid treatment etc. which can be given to a patient in need. The bomb squad demonstrated the precautions and preparedness for any dangerous situation.
Different agencies got together and learnt various ways to be alert and prepared for any kind of emergency. The participants from the department and forces were very pleased and were thankful to the authorities for holding such an informative orientation program which has further added to their knowledge and preparedness for disaster.


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