DJ Kimi’s song ‘Pari Hoon Mai’ releases


Mumbai News, 26 Sep 2019 : While everyone loves to play Garba at the holy festival of Navratri, Dj Kimi released her song “Pari Hoon Main”, it was liked by everyone.

The special thing about this song is that it has been made keeping in mind both Indian and Western music, this song has been shot in Dubai.

Kimi explained that the title of the song “Pari Hoon Main” will inspire all girls because every girl is a fairy to her family.

Kimi belongs to a musical family. Her father, the late Harish Hingu, has been a famous comedian in the Gujarati film industry, since childhood Kimi has loved singing and has also made a good mark in Gujarati people and performed in different cities of India. Also performed in Africa, London, Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Bahrain. She considers Dj Mitzi of Baroda as her mentor, and it is from her that Kimi learned to play Dj

Dj Kimi settled in Dubai. Although Kimi had to stay away from music due to some problems in the beginning, Kimi did not give up and remembered that without music, my life was incomplete and today Dj Kimi became Dubai’s number 1 female Dj. Singing was a gift given by God, says kimi’

Kimi got her identity through music. She is one of the top Bollywood’s Female Dj and has got millions of fans.

To express her love for her fans and Hindustan and to meet her people, Dj Kimi is coming to India in Navratri to promote his songs.

*Pari Hoon Main* – This song is sung by Kimi herself, and is directed by Kenny. This Navratri her fans will get to hear her live.
Promotional tour in India is being organized through Tamanna Events.

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