South-Asian American Actress Shezray Husain Debuts in Hotstar’s Gunaah

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Mumbai, India – South-Asian American actress Shezray Husain is excited for her debut in Disney + Hotstars latest series Gunaah. Shezray takes on the role of Divya in what promises to be a gripping and thrilling narrative. The web series is based on a Turkish drama Ezel and is streaming live on Disney+Hotstar. Shezray will be sharing the screen with fellow leading actors Gashmeer Mahajani and Surbhi Jyoti.

Shezray, a talented actress with a rich background in theatre and commercial work, landed the role of Divya through a rigorous audition process. Her journey included multiple rounds of auditions and an in-person reading that secured her position in the cast. Born and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA, Shezray has always had a passion for acting. She began her acting career in theatre during her schooling years and further honed her craft by attending acting and improv workshops in the United States.Shezray shared, “I am thrilled to make my debut in such a compelling series like Gunaah. The entire experience, from the auditions to working on set, has been incredibly rewarding. I hope the audience connects with Divya and enjoys the series as much as we enjoyed making it.”

While Shezray didn’t need to learn any entirely new skills for her role in Gunaah, she dedicated herself to honing her acting abilities. Although Hindi is not her first language, Shezray dedicates herself in perfecting her diction to deliver authentic performances on screen.

Before her Bollywood debut in Gunaah, Shezray worked on various notable projects in India. She has appeared in advertisements for leading brands such as Samsung, LG, Parachute, and Maybelline. She also starred in a music video for Cancer Awareness by Shan. However, Gunaah marks her first major on-screen project in India, showcasing her talent to a broader audience.


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