Bhoomika Meena: The Rising Star Who Believes in the Power of Training

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Mumbai : the glamour world, they surely need to undergo numerous trainings and one such actress who has blown away the audience with her performance for her debut film Dukaan is actress Bhoomika Meena but did you know before making her debut in Bollywood, actress Bhoomika honed her craft through dedicated training and hard work.

From a very young age Bhoomika found home on the stage as a performer.
She is a trained dancer, who has done Visharad in Kathak from Bhatkhande Sangeet Mahavidyalay. Her training didn’t stop there, as she continued theatre after school and college and learned the nuances of acting through her experience in professional theater in Delhi, particularly with Akshara theatre. “I believe that kathak and theatre have laid a strong foundation for me as a performer “ she said.

When Bhoomika decided to move to Mumbai to pursue her acting career, she was determined to give her all to the craft. Understanding the importance of learning from the best, she has trained under the guidance of institutes such as The AdiShakti Laboratory for Theatre arts and research, The Artist Collective by Atul Mongia & The Lee Strasberg theatre and film institute . Atul Mongia, ha also trained Bollywood actors like Anushka Sharma, Alia Bhatt, Ranveer Singh. Bhoomika also learned acting from other esteemed teachers like Prasanna sir ( NSD), Nitin Goel sir, Rupesh Tillu sir & Happy Ranjit Sir.

“Honestly I am hungry to learn and grow, I am my most vulnerable self in a classroom. The whole process of surrendering to a teacher and committing oneself to the study of an art that you truly love is extremely fulfilling. I have learnt immensely from all my teachers, about the craft and more so about myself. It’s a lifelong process of self discovery and acceptance and that’s what makes it all the more exciting ” Said Bhoomika.

But Bhoomika’s dedication to her craft doesn’t end with her formal training. She believes in the importance of daily practice and ritual. Bhoomika says, “As an actor, I feel we all have to do riaz for our body, mind, and soul, My daily ritual includes Kriya yoga, a rigorous physical fitness routine that somedays includes gym workouts, Kalaripayattu training and mixed martial arts. For voice training there is Shankhnaad and classical music and I have gotten back to kathak again which helps with grace, expressions, bhaav etc. And for acting, I practice scenework with The Artist Collective by Atul Mongia sir, scenework is a very wholesome ecosystem where I get to apply all that I’ve learnt, make mistakes, get an honest feedback and evolve, I love it! “

She also says, “I feel it is very important for an actor to train themselves very well before presenting themselves on screen,” she emphasizes.

Her hard work and dedication have already started to pay off. Bhoomika made her Bollywood debut with the film Dukaan, where she amazed the audience with her performance and presence. With her commitment to constant improvement and her dedication to her craft, Bhoomika Meena is set to become one of the finest actors in the industry, proving that preparation and hard work truly do pay off.


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