Aashmeen Munjaal acknowledges educators for their unwavering passion for shaping the future

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On September 5, 2023, India will celebrate its 62nd Teachers Day, a day dedicated to applauding the unparalleled contributions of our teachers. The day celebrates the role of educators in determining the future of society.

The celebration serves as an avenue to ponder the pivotal role of educators in enhancing education, with “The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers” as its theme.

“Teachers are the backbone of the education system,” asserts Aashmeen Munjal. I am profoundly grateful for the dedicated and passionate teachers that daily motivate, mentor, and empower our pupils.

The day acknowledges their invincible zeal to foster learning, ingenuity, and self-improvement, as well as the fact that they are in the midst of guiding the next wave of learners.


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