Asian Paints announces first-of-its-kind affordable paint taking consumers closer to creating their dream homes

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New Delhi News, 18 March 2021 : In small towns, the house is a marker of prestige for families and plays an important role in their life when it comes to social status and recognition. However, budget plays a big hindrance for customers seeking great value when it comes to beautifying their homes without compromising on quality. Keeping this in mind, Asian Paints has launched a unique and pocket friendly paint that offers rich looking finish at an affordable price – Tractor Sparc Emulsion for interior walls.

Consumers looking to redecorate their homes often settle for a paint with either distemper or local emulsion as they fall within their budget. But these paints while they are priced low, do not last long thus forcing the owner to repaint the house regularly which is not just a hassle, but becomes even more expensive for the customer.  Asian Paints’ unique Tractor Sparc Emulsion is the solution to such woes as it offers consumers beautiful looking smooth walls as well as durability at an economical price.

The new Tractor Sparc was launched with the intent of giving budget seeking consumers’ access to emulsions which always deliver combination of durability and décor. To give further impetus to consumers to move from distemper to Tractor Sparc upgrades, Asian Paints has launched a new campaign on the theme of ‘budget wala paint.

Speaking about the product and campaign, Amit Syngle, MD & CEO, Asian Paints Limited said, “Asian Paints, being a customer-centric brand, is always looking to innovate and tailor-make products to cater to all segments of customers in order to beautify their dream home. Our brand, Tractor Sparc Emulsion is designed as an affordable emulsion for the value seeking customer to deliver quality products at a reasonable price. This Emulsion not only reduces the price gap but also makes it possible for the customer to transition from distemper to emulsion.  Our new TV commercial  for the product is themed around  ‘Budget wala paint’ proposition to highlight Tractor Sparc as an affordable emulsion which gives customers’ homes a  smooth finish and access to decor without the need to compromise on other splurges planned.”

Conceptualized by Ogilvy India, the TVC for Tractor Sparc, portrays a funny story of a boss (Mr. Verma) and his junior (Mr. Sharma) where both boss and his wife happen to visit the junior’s house for a ceremony. They are surprised and jealous to see how the junior has managed to not only afford a newly painted house, but has also managed to spend on a new phone for his son, a new sari for his wife and a new crockery set to serve refreshments to the guests. On enquiry, they get to know that all this has become possible because the junior chose the Budget wala Tractor Sparc Emulsion from Asian Paints.


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