Exciting News: “Mere Nahi Ho” by Shiraz Ahmed Coming Soon

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Mumbai : Mark your calendars for a musical journey unlike any other as Shiraz Ahmed, the exceptionally talented artist, unveils his latest single, “Mere Nahi Ho.” With a voice that radiates warmth and a gift for crafting soothing melodies, Shiraz is set to enchant audiences once again with his unique blend of sounds and heartfelt storytelling.

Born on December 3, 1996, Shiraz’s musical odyssey began in 2014 when he first laid his hands on a guitar, igniting a passion that would shape his future as a self-taught independent musician. Over the years, he has graced numerous stages across the country, sharing his soulful tunes at institutes, ceremonies, and various venues, garnering admiration and applause wherever he performs.

As the lead singer of his band, ‘Assort Band,’ Shiraz has carved a niche for himself in the music industry, drawing inspiration from legends like Lucky Ali, Arijit Singh, and many others. His debut single, “Mohobbat Ka Fitoor,” released earlier this year, received accolades for its refreshing experimentation and heartfelt lyrics, setting the stage for the much-anticipated release of “Mere Nahi Ho.”

Produced by the talented Prateek Gandhi, “Mere Nahi Ho” is a testament to Shiraz’s musical prowess, with him not only lending his soulful vocals but also crafting the composition and penning the lyrics. With influences ranging from the emotive storytelling of the 90s era to contemporary musical trends, Shiraz promises listeners an auditory experience that transcends boundaries and resonates deep within the soul.

As we eagerly await the release of “Mere Nahi Ho” in March 2024, it’s evident that Shiraz Ahmed’s star continues to rise, shining bright in the realm of music. Stay tuned for this captivating single, and embark on a journey of musical bliss with Shiraz Ahmed.


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