Actors Sunny Hinduja and Sharib Hashmi to produce and act in a play together

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Mumbai : Acclaimed actors Sunny Hinduja and Sharib Hashmi are joining forces to pursue what they love to be associated with – theatre. The dynamic duo, known for their outstanding performances on screen, are set to produce and act in a stage play together, marking a significant milestone in their careers.

Sunny and Sharib’s partnership stems from a longstanding camaraderie, forged since their initial encounter on the sets of Raj & DK’s The Family Man series. Both actors share a deep-rooted passion for theatre, with Sunny, an FTII graduate, boasting a rich legacy in the art form, which has significantly influenced his acting journey. Similarly, Sharib, with his multifaceted experience as a producer and writer, harbors a profound affection for theatre.

Their mutual love for the stage has inspired them to collaborate on an exciting theatrical production, where they will not only produce but also showcase their acting prowess. While Sharib brings his seasoned expertise to the table, it marks a debut for Sunny in the realm of producing content.

While details such as the play’s name, genre, and additional cast members are yet to be finalized, anticipation is already building for what promises to be an enthralling theatrical experience.

Speaking about their collaboration, Sunny Hinduja expressed, “Theatre has always been a significant part of my artistic journey. I always wanted to do theatre as it’s a real test for an actor and I am thrilled to embark on this new venture with Sharib, who shares the same passion for the stage. Together, we aim to create something truly special for all theatre enthusiasts.”

Sharib Hashmi added, “The opportunity to collaborate with Sunny on a theatrical project is immensely exciting. We hope to bring forth a production that not only entertains but also resonates deeply with audiences, showcasing the magic of live theatre.”

As preparations for the stage play unfold, audiences can expect a theatrical masterpiece that embodies the creative synergy of two exceptionally talented actors.


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