Ridhi Dogra and Anshuman Jha’s Lakadbaggha – to launch as a Comic Book now at ComicCon 2024 before the sequel goes on floor

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Mumbai : Actor Anshuman Jha proudly reveals the upcoming launch of the world’s first Animal Lover Vigilante comic book, “Lakadbaggha (The Hyena).” Created by American illustrator Brittain Peck, this groundbreaking project is set to be unveiled at ComicCon 2024.

The origin story of the action film which won the ‘Vision Award’ at Stuttgart last year, also won Jha the ‘Best Actor’ award at the HBO South Asian Festival in New York, before clocking over a 100Million viewing minutes on its digital release in India – will now be a comic book series. As the sequel of the film goes on floor in July this year.

Brittain Peck says ”Lakadbaggha is an extraordinary film – it’s the birth of a superhero who is an ordinary man. I am thrilled to be creating the comic book series with Anshuman & to be able to adapt his compelling creative vision into our original comic book series. Arjun is a simple yet powerful man & a necessary character in our times to remind us of our responsibility to advocate for the vulnerable.”

Anshuman Jha, known for his acting histrionics as the masked vigilante in the film, expressed his enthusiasm for this dream project. “Lakadbaggha has been a dream project, and seeing it expand into the comic book realm is beyond exciting and one which will live beyond us. I am thrilled to create this with Brittain who believes in the concept of becoming the voice of the voiceless as much as I do” he stated. The comic book promises to bring the beloved characters ‘Arjun Bakshi'(Jha) & ‘Akshara D’souza’ (Ridhi Dogra) to life in a new and visually captivating way.

Anubhab Chitlangia from First Ray Films says “Anshuman continues to push creative boundaries – Lakadbaggha has been a dream for him. And with Brittain on board we are in the process of creating India’s first of its kind comic book hero with a parallel film universe on the title. The sequel to the film, starring Anshuman Jha and Ridhi Dogra, and written by Sourav Ghosh, is set to begin production in 2024.’

Comic book fans and enthusiasts can look forward to the official launch of “Lakadbaggha (The Hyena)” comic book at ComicCon 2024, where Anshuman Jha and the creative team will unveil this innovative addition to the Animal Lover Vigilante universe.


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