Power couple Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal to unite for the first time together for a live candid conversation on the Art of Acting

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Mumbai : Renowned actors Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal, celebrated for their individual prowess in the world of cinema, are set to share the stage in front of a live audience together as a couple for the first time at the upcoming India Film Project this weekend in Mumbai. This esteemed two day event serves as a melting pot for creative minds across arts and culture, offering a platform for in-depth discussions about their professions, addressing pertinent questions, and providing valuable insights. The duo are both currently on a high of immense success with Richa Chadha’s latest film Fukrey 3 doing wonders at the box office crossing way over 100 crores at the global box office and Ali Fazals Khufiya being one of the most talked about and most watched films currently this month on Netflix.

The much-admired duo, Richa Chadha and Ali Fazal, founders of the production house Pushing Buttons Studios, will engage in a captivating exchange in a unique format of actors on actors, where they will be interviewing each other on their craft. Their conversation promises to delve into various facets of their careers, from their dynamic collaboration within their production venture to their personal journeys, navigating the intricacies of being both life partners and professionals in the same industry.

Richa Chadha expresses her excitement about this rare opportunity, stating, “It’s a unique occasion for Ali and me to come together on a public platform like the India Film Project. We’re thrilled to share our experiences, both as actors and as collaborators in Pushing Buttons Studios. I have always loved watching when two actors collaborate together in this unique platform. Ali and I always are each others sounding board and this platform is a unique way to engage in a chat with the audiences and with each other”.

Ali Fazal adds, “ this conversation is a conversation starter for artists on artists.. to maybe shed a light on our own individual perspectives on the art of acting as we see it today . We hope that some of this resonates with artists across the globe. The world of cinema is ever changing and there is space for everyone and anyone who wants to create”

The session is anticipated to be a highlight of the India Film Project, promising an enriching experience for attendees.


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