Neha Dhupia set to make her International film debut in award winning filmmaker, Ali El Arabi’s Blue 52

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Mumbai : Actor Neha Dhupia is set to captivate global audiences with her debut international film, Blue 52, directed by renowned Egyptian filmmaker Ali El Arabi.

Ali El Arabi, celebrated for his award-winning documentary feature “Captains of Za’atari,” brings his directorial prowess to the fore in Blue 52. Having garnered acclaim at festivals such as Hot Docs and El Gouna, El Arabi is set to weave his magic once again, this time in the realm of fiction.

Blue 52 unfolds against the stunning backdrops of Kochi, India, and Qatar.

Neha Dhupia, known for her versatile acting skills in the Indian film industry, steps into a new dimension with her lead role in “Blue 52.” The film promises a never-before-seen avatar of the actress, as she delves into a character infused with high-emotion drama. The film is the story of Ashish, who at the age of 9 is isolated by his father when he loses his oldest son and using this fear he isolates Ashish on an island by the backwaters of Kochi, India. Growing up, Ashish becomes a boy trapped in a man’s body by the age of 22, with little knowledge of the world beyond his idol Messi and the life lessons imparted by his mother over the years, aimed at preparing him for life beyond their small island home. Strengthened by newfound resolve, Ashish decides to leave home with his mother’s support and an opportunity that seems almost like a fantasy, offering him the chance to meet his idol, Messi, at the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Left to navigate the world on his own for the first time, he discovers his true self and finds his own passion.

Speaking of her international debut, Neha Dhupia said, “Embarking on the journey of ‘Blue 52’ has been nothing short of magical. The fusion of diverse cultures in this international venture allowed me to delve deep into a character that is both challenging and emotionally resonant. It’s a transformative experience that I believe will leave a lasting impact and I’m glad that Ali chose me to essay the lead in what is my international first”.

Director Ali El Arabi said, “Creating ‘Blue 52’ was a labor of love, blending the cinematic languages of Egypt, America, and India. Neha brought an unparalleled dedication to her role, infusing the character with a nuanced emotional depth. The picturesque locales of Kochi and the vibrant energy of Qatar served as the perfect canvas for our storytelling. This film is a testament to the collaborative spirit of international cinema, and I am excited for audiences to experience the richness we’ve crafted together.”

The film is Presented by Ambient Light with Ali El Arabi serving as director and producer, Tariq Al-Naama as producer. Krysanne Katsoolis, Joe Matthews and Katara Studios as co-producers.


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