Lakshmi Manchu channels her warrior Spirit with Naga Ink.

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Mumbai : Lakshmi Manchu recently unveiled her latest form of self-expression- a stunning Naga tattoo, crafted by acclaimed tattoo artist Mo Naga. Embracing the rich cultural heritage and profound symbolism of the Naga tribe, Lakshmi’s tattoo embodies the ethos of empathy, kindness, compassion and the warrior spirit. Lakshmi got inked on her sternum and shoulders.

Mo Naga, known for his intricate designs and deep understanding of tribal aesthetics, shared insights into the profound meaning behind Lakshmi’s tattoo. Mo Naga shared, “Lakshmi’s Tattoo is a Naga tattoo that carries strong tribal aesthetics and deep meanings borrowed from the philosophy and the old way of life of Naga culture. It speaks to the warrior spirit, tough love and the quest for protection.”

The journey towards this meaningful tattoo began months ago when Lakshmi booked an appointment with Mo Naga. Over the course of four hours, they delved into the rich tapestry of Naga culture, discussing its philosophy, warrior way of life and ancestral wisdom. Despite her busy schedule, Lakshmi displayed patience and kindness, fully immersing herself in the process of conceptualizing the tattoo.

Reflecting on the experience, Mo Naga shared, “It was a lovely experience that involved a lot of patience, trust, and sharing. Lakshmi’s dedication to expressing herself authentically through this tattoo was truly inspiring.”

For Lakshmi, the tattoo represents a source of empowerment and personal transformation. Lakshmi shared, “I’ve been getting tattoos since my college days, and as I’m getting older, I’m getting bolder. I have been following Mo Naga’s work for a long time, I made a plan when I heard he was coming to Mumbai. We spent four hours discussing the significance and process of getting this tattoo. It was a deep dive into tattoo culture, its roots, and the importance of embracing our own traditional tribal art. Mo Naga doesn’t just replicate art; he invests time in understanding you. I’m thrilled with what I now have on my body. I feel powerful about it. The tattoo evolved as we discussed, reflecting my desires and aspirations. It’s more than just ink on skin—it’s a manifestation of my inner strength and values and Mo just got it right. He ended our session and said to me, “What this tattoo will come to mean for you will reveal itself when the time is right,” and I cannot wait for it to unleash.”

The south belle is gearing up for a spiritual sojourn to Sao Paolo. On the work front Lakshmi has three Telugu films under various stages of production, a Hotstar series slated for release and a Tamil film as well.


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