Akshay Oberoi makes an animated debut in a stop motion capture film – Kamathipura

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Mumbai : Actor Akshay Oberoi is set to make a groundbreaking entry into the world of animation, lending his distinctive voice to a stop motion picture for the very first time. The project, an animated series, promises to be a unique and immersive experience for audiences worldwide.

Describing the innovative technology used in the film, Akshay Oberoi says, “Working on this motion capture film was an incredible journey. The technology behind it is cutting-edge, and the end result is truly captivating. Working on a project that brings to life the magical creatures of Mumbai’s underbelly has been a truly special experience.”

He further adds, “We donned specially designed helmets and gear, moving within a designated space, while the video camera captured our movements. This data was then used to create the mesmerizing animation sequences that you’ll see on screen. It’s a technique that’s been used to great effect in Hollywood productions like ‘Lord of the Rings’, ‘Happy Feet’, ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin and ‘Planet of the Apes’ amongst many others.”

Based on the acclaimed anthology book “Magical Creatures of Mumbai’s Underbelly” by Sneha Sapru, the film is a visual extravaganza helmed by director Aayushman Pandey. The project originated with the aim of creating an Indian series in the vein of the popular “Love Death + Robots” animated series, currently streaming on Netflix.

Akshay Oberoi delves into the intriguing role of Dev, a character thrust into a world of mystery and enchantment. “Dev’s journey begins when his boss sends him to Kamathipura, Mumbai’s famed red light district, for what he thinks will be a night of revelry. Little does he know that the person he encounters in the brothel, portrayed by Priya Shroff, is no ordinary being but a creature fashioned in the image of Poseidon.”

The combination of Akshay Oberoi’s distinctive voice and the mesmerizing stop motion animation promises to deliver a viewing experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.


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