Akanksha Puri and Pawan Singh Dominate YouTube with ‘Tujhe Na Dekhu Toh Chain'”

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Mumbai : Akanksha Puri and Pawan Singh have recently captured the hearts of music lovers with their sparkling chemistry in the new song, “Tujhe Na Dekhu Toh Chain.” This romantic music video has taken the internet by storm, and fans can’t seem to get enough of this sizzling pair.

The response from fans has been overwhelmingly positive, with an outpouring of love for “Tujhe Na Dekhu Toh Chain.” The song has quickly climbed the charts, even securing a spot in the top 3 on YouTube’s trending list. It’s clear that the audience has been charmed by the captivating on-screen chemistry between Akanksha and Pawan.

Akanksha, with her mesmerizing beauty and enchanting presence, adds an extra layer of visual appeal to their music videos. Pawan Singh, on the other hand, charms audiences not only with his soulful vocals but also with his rugged and dashing looks.

Talking about the song Akanksha said,“ I’m delighted with the overwhelming response to our song! The positive feedback and numerous calls have been fantastic. People are eager to see us together in another romantic music video. I’ll be shooting a new song soon with Pawan ji, and it’s another recreation of a beloved hit song.”

Akanksha Puri and Pawan Singh’s latest release, “Tujhe Na Dekhu Toh Chain,” is the talk of the town. The internet is buzzing with their chemistry, and the song has soared to the top of YouTube’s trending charts. Get ready for more musical magic as this duo gears up for their next exciting project.


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