Actor Anshuman Jha and Wife Sierra Welcome Baby Girl ‘Tara’ into the World

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Mumbai : Actor Anshuman Jha and his tri-athelete wife Sierra are overjoyed to announce the arrival of their precious baby girl. Born on March 10th in the United States, their daughter arrived after a long but ultimately safe labor which lasted 32 hours for the marathon runner Sierra.

Expressing his gratitude, Anshuman shared, “I am really grateful that Sierra and ‘Tara’ are both healthy & safe. And we feel truly blessed to have an angel. I have been raised by my mother, my elder sister is the reason why I could pursue acting and I have always had a lot of female influence in my life through my cousin sisters as well. So in a way I am matriarchal. In the US, it is legal to find out if it is a girl or boy but we intentionally didn’t find out because we wanted to have a surprise. And we are thrilled to have our daughter. Sierra’s mom and dad are here and I believe grandparents are a blessing for a child. Sierra came up with the name, Tara & I loved it.” The couple have kept both surnames; so their daughter will be known as ‘Tara Jha Winters’.”

In addition to their joyous news, the couple have made a conscious decision not to share photos of their daughter in the initial phase of ger life, citing their conservative approach towards their baby’s privacy. Says Anshuman ‘Some things don’t need to be shared. In a world that is obsessed with counting likes, followers – I count my blessings & keep it private’


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