Rukhsar Rehman shoots with daughter- Aisha in Goa


Mumbai : Actress Rukhsar Rehman has several film projects lined up. But the actress knows how to find time for her family, even if it means combining work with leisure. To shoot for a travel vlog for the portal, Rukhsar did a road trip with her daughter- Aisha Rahmed to Goa recently

Talking about it, the actress says, “We enjoyed the road trip in MG Hector’s new car. The vlog is expected to release in the coming month. It’s called Dreams, unpaused. It’s always hard to match our free time, because both of us have hectic work schedules. That’s why we decided to do this. The road trip with my daughter to Goa was fun

Rukhsar is proud that she has a doting daughter, who ensures that her mom doesn’t get complacent about her health because of work. “Apart from working, we explored Goa and spent quality time together. This was the second time that I was working with my daughter. She gets really worried for me while we shoot. She ensures that I shouldn’t over exert or get tired. She makes sure that I eat on time. After every hour, she’s like, ‘You’re okay na maa?’ It’s so heart warming when your kids, even after getting so much success, dotes on you.


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