International Dance Day: Seerat Kapoor Opens Up on Her Journey From Assistant Choreographer in Rockstar to a Lead Actressr

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Mumbai : This International Dance Day, we celebrate the art of dance and the passion it ignites in people. Actress Seerat Kapoor is one such person who has always been in love with dancing. And on this special occasion, the actress opens up about her journey as a dancer and how it has shaped her career.

Seerat Kapoor started dancing at a young age, and it soon became her first love. The actress is a trained dancer and ex instructor from Ashley Lobo’s company – The Danceworx. She has trained in international styles such as ballet, funk, hip hop, contemporary and street jazz to name a few and went on to become an assistant choreographer on Imtiaz Ali’s movie Rockstar. Not only did she work behind the scenes, but she also made a small cameo in the song Nadan Parindey to the teams request. Talking about how dance holds a special place in her heart, Seerat says, “I started learning dance at the age of 16. As a child, I always really enjoyed singing and dancing. It was my passion which now in high insight has mapped my foundation in the theatrical fields. Soon as I ventured into acting, I realised I was being conditioned for the camera all these years. Musical theatre trained me to “face the camera and the big screen.”

She continues, “I believe cinema is my karmabhoomi, but the stage is my janmabhoomi. I started out as a dancer and the rush and the thrill has only grown over the years. I think if it wasn’t for acting, I would’ve definitely lead a direction in the field of performing arts”

Seerat adds, “Even now, I feel life is coming a full circle because I am shooting a movie with Dil Raju where I play dancers character. This is indeed special for me.”

Seerat’s journey is truly inspiring. Her dedication and hard work have led her to where she is today. She is a true example of how pursuing your passion can lead to success.


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