Darasing Khurana ditches a big-fat Indian wedding to source water for Maharashtra villagers


Mumbai News, 02 April 2020 : Former Mr India India International Darasing Khurana promised to devote himself towards the welfare of his country when he won the pageant. In fact, he went on to associate with various social causes and is also an active part of the NGO, Datri (he is also its brand ambassador). Now, when his wedding is around the corner, he remembers to fulfil his promise to his country. Rather than having a big-fat wedding, Darasing will have a low-key nuptial with Monaa Jaswani in Lucknow, so that they can utilise the funds for a better purpose.

“I am glad to be getting married to one of my closest friends. What’s even satisfying is that we are able to contribute to make difference to other’s lives as we start our new life together. It wasn’t difficult to convince Monaa to ditch the plan of a big-fat Indian wedding and contribute to a social cause. Since both of us are on the same page, I consider myself really lucky to have a life partner like her,” says Darasing.

The model, who was born and brought up in Parbhani, Maharashtra, wants to bring about a change in the lives of the people who live in the villages of that area. “I come from Parbhani, a small town in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. During my growing up years, there was a lot of water crisis in my town, but since we could afford to source water tanks at home every day, we didn’t experience any scarcity, as such. But a couple of years ago, while I visited a few villages in the region for some NGO work, I asked a few kids about their schooling. They said they don’t go to school because they need to travel long distances with their family to fetch water,” he says.

Darasing adds, “I was shocked that despite belonging to a developing country, where we talk of big infrastructural and economical developments and achievements, something as basic as water is not at the disposal of so many people belonging to the rural parts of the country. That’s when I promised myself to help these villages with water scarcity. Though there is a lot of political pressure, I will do whatever it takes to help these people have proper water facilities at their disposal.”


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