Indian Traditional Food launches World first self-heating Indian instant food range ‘Garam Kadai’

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New Delhi News, 20 March 2021 : Indian Traditional Foods, best known for world of innovations, where in front of taste nothing matter, has recently launched his new product ‘Garam Kadai’ world’s first self-heating Indian Instant food range on Indus Food 2021. Whether you are in space or under sea, with the help of ‘Garam Kadai’ food range, you could get yummy tasty hot Indian tasty food. All you need just normal water, no external energy source required. The range has various variants including Vegetable Dum Biryani, Mattar Paneer, Pongal, Lemon Rice, Rajma Chawal, Palak Paneer to name a few.

“Keep surprising our customers with our offerings, consistent taste and quality is key of winning customer heart. Our mission is to spread taste of India across the Globe. Our vision is to take India at every dining table on world in most innovative ways” Amit Kumar Balecha, Founder & CEO of My Curry, Indian Traditional Food, Garam Kadai

Before landed his plane to start own venture, Amit’s last successful product was mango lassi in tetra pack. He had launched mango lassi in powder form in 2009, Indian condiments Samosa chutney, bhelpuri chutney etc in 2010, Indian instant dehydrated food range in 2012, Indian ethnic ready to breakfast kit i.e morning mix in 2013 for India’s most reputed food brands I.e Dabur, Bikaji, Rasna, Bambino, Weikfield, Ramdev .



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