”Soham Majumdar Unveils the Complex Layers of Siddhant in ‘Sajini Shinde ka Viral Video”

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Mumbai : Soham Majumdar, known for his notable performances in films like “Kabir Singh” and “Dhamaka,” is set to grace the screen once again in the upcoming Movie, “Sajini shinde ka Viral Video.” The talented actor has consistently impressed audiences with his versatile acting skills, and his latest role in the series promises to be no exception.

In “Sajini ka Viral Video,” Soham portrays the character of Siddhant, the fiancé of Sajini Shinde.

Talking about his character Siddhant, Soham shared, “I’m embodying the role of Siddhant, the fiancé of Sajini Shinde. He is a character with intricate layers that mirror some individuals in today’s world. On the surface, he presents himself as a pseudo-feminist, advocating for gender equality, but internally, he grapples with a more complex dynamic. He has a tendency to subtly control his partner, seemingly placing himself on a pedestal to grant or restrict her actions. So he seems to be a little problematic and toxic”.

He further added, “But it was a very interesting and mysterious character and I am excited for the audience to witness it.”

“Sajini Shinde ka Viral Video” is set to captivate audiences when it hits the screens on October 27, 2023. Soham will share the screen with talented actresses Radhika Madan and Nimrit Kaur, promising a cinematic experience filled with depth and intrigue. So be prepared to witness Soham Majumdar’s exceptional talent once again as he steps into the shoes of Siddhant in this exciting project.


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