Pulkit Samrat’s Daring Fashion Statements That Redefine Style

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Mumbai : Recently becoming the talk of the town for his stylish and suave looks in Made in Heaven 2, Pulkit Samrat is making headlines for his evolving fashion choices. From his red carpet appearances to his bold backless suit, Pulkit’s style journey is capturing the attention of fashion enthusiasts and fans alike.

Designed by Manish Malhotra, Pulkit Samrat’s ensembles in the show exuded elegance and panache. Pulkit’s attention to detail extends beyond clothing. His choice of accessories, such as a luxurious watch and stylish sunglasses, added an extra layer of sophistication to his character.
For another look, Pulkit’s flair for accessorizing took center stage as he confidently sported red gloves to complement his all-red suit, showcasing his prowess in effortlessly completing a stylish ensemble.

However, the pinnacle of his fashion exploration arrives with his daring black backless suit. The ensemble features a sleek blazer paired with flowing wavy trousers, a departure from the norm. What truly sets this look apart is Pulkit’s audacious decision to skip the conventional shirt, opting instead for a backless blazer. This bold move challenges fashion norms and underlines his willingness to embrace innovation.

Known for his versatility in roles, Pulkit’s fashion choices are no different. Just as he seamlessly transitions between characters on screen, he effortlessly transitions into bold and unconventional fashion with confidence. With his return in “Made in Heaven 2” and the anticipation for “Furkey 3”, Pulkit continues to make waves on and off the screen.


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