Neha Dhupia Commends Blake Lively for championing Public Breastfeeding Normalization

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Mumbai : Neha Dhupia, a vocal advocate for breaking stigmas around breastfeeding, praises Blake Lively for her recent social media post at Disneyland Paris, where she openly showcased herself pumping. Lively’s act resonates with Dhupia’s Freedom To Feed campaign, aiming to eliminate stigma and challenges faced by nursing mothers in public spaces.

Launched by Neha Dhupia, the Freedom To Feed campaign strives to advocate for women’s right to breastfeed without judgment. The movement challenges societal norms and seeks legal protections to ensure mothers can breastfeed comfortably anywhere, fostering an empowered and confident environment.

Blake Lively’s unapologetic portrayal of pumping on a public platform aligns seamlessly with the essence of the Freedom To Feed initiative. Both instances emphasize the importance of breaking societal taboos surrounding breastfeeding, contributing significantly to the ongoing conversation about supporting and empowering mothers in their breastfeeding journey.

Speaking of this, Neha said, “Nurturing a child is a beautiful and natural journey that every mother embarks upon. Blake Lively’s recent act of openly pumping at Disneyland Paris is not just a moment captured; it’s a bold statement challenging societal norms. I commend Blake for unapologetically showcasing the reality of motherhood. Her courage aligns with the spirit of our Freedom To Feed campaign, where we strive to create a world where every mother feels empowered, accepted, and supported in her breastfeeding journey. It’s not just about feeding; it’s about fostering an environment of understanding, breaking taboos, and ensuring that every mother has the freedom to nourish her child wherever she is, without judgment. Together, we can change the narrative, and I am grateful for individuals like Blake who contribute to this crucial conversation on normalizing breastfeeding in public spaces.”


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