Lakshmi Manchu’s Teach for Change transforms Education with Innovative Smart Classrooms

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Mumbai : Lakshmi Manchu’s Teach for Change transforms Education with Innovative Smart Classrooms Teach for Change Trust, founded by Lakshmi Manchu, since its inception in 2014, has enriched the foundation years in government schools across Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, impacting over 67,336 students.

Aligning with National Education Policy 2020, Teach for Change’s Smart Classrooms aim at advancing Foundational Language skills in Primary school children in government schools. A room is selected in government primary schools and the walls are painted colorfully by creating a conducive learning environment for the children, which also enhances the emotional well-being of children. A large flat-screen LED TV, Low-Lying Tables, and Carpets are incorporated as well in the Smart Classroom. A carefully curated Audio-Visual Curriculum is taught in these classrooms to enhance the Phonics and Language Abilities of Primary Children

Taking this initiative further, Rangareddy District witnesses a game-changing collaboration as Teach for Change, led by the visionary Lakshmi Manchu, and Veni Rao Foundation, sponsors 25 impactful Smart Classrooms in the government schools across the district. At the auspicious inauguration held at Government Primary School Manikonda, Lakshmi Manchu, graced the occasion alongside Mrs. Ratna Reddy, Founder CHIREC, Founder Trustee, of Veni Rao Foundation and Mr. P. Suseendra Rao, the forward-thinking Rangareddy District Education Officer.

This partnership between Teach For Change and the Veni Rao Foundation has successfully introduced Smart Classrooms across 25 Government Primary Schools within Rangareddy District. Mrs. Ratna Reddy, an educationist who deeply understands the critical role that digital classrooms play has taken a pivotal step to support this cause. Her unwavering belief education has to evolve and enrich with time, this project aims to open doors to quality learning for students in government schools. Since its inception, Veni Rao Foundation has been at the forefront and has undertaken numerous projects to benefit underserved students.

Addressing the gathering, Ms. Lakshmi Manchu said, “Teach for Change has created over 200 Smart Classrooms in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. We are working to improve Foundational Literacy skills of children. Having these skills means children can keep up in class, which helps them stay in school for longer. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Veni Rao Foundation for contributing towards these smart classrooms.


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