Lakshmi Manchu explores Lagos Market’s Cultural Riches

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Mumbai : Lakshmi Manchu, acclaimed actress and cultural enthusiast, recently visited the bustling markets of Lagos, Nigeria, to explore and capture the essence of its unique cultural landscape. Known for her immersive storytelling and keen eye for detail, Lakshmi’s journey through the Lagos market was an experience filled with captivating visuals and profound reflections. Lakshmi said, “I wanted to discover visually captivating markets where I could create compelling video content. When I heard about a human market that sells human body parts, I was shocked and realized I couldn’t handle witnessing that. Instead, I was directed to the Lagos market, a more tourist-friendly place where I could experience Nigerian culture.”

Lakshmi described her experience as both fascinating and enlightening. She said, “Everything was just too different, yet not overwhelming. Their culture is unique, yet there are surprising similarities. For example, the intricate woodwork reminded me of craftsmanship in many parts of India. If you sit and talk to anyone, you’ll find connections to your own life and culture, especially for us as Indians, there is so much that we have here that we automatically find similar, whether it’s being patriotic or familial values.”

However, Lakshmi also expressed her discomfort with certain aspects of the market. Lakshmi shared, “They don’t treat animals as we do; for them, animals are a part of their daily lives and economy. Seeing products made from tiger claws, tortoise shells, and animal skins was disturbing for me because, on the other hand, we want to save these animals. It was a stark contrast to my beliefs.”

Despite these unsettling sights, Lakshmi found joy in other elements of the market. She added, “I enjoyed exploring the musical instruments made from coconut shells and local bark wood. The ingenuity of using dried vegetables in their crafts was quite fascinating. I love talking to local people, local vendors observing their body language, and understanding how they react whether you buy something or not. Every moment is an acting lesson for me, and engaging with locals feeds my creativity.”

Lakshmi’s journey which she explains in her Youtube video of the Lagos market serves as a proof to the power of cultural exchange and the deep connections that can be forged through shared human experiences. Her reflections highlight the importance of understanding and respecting cultural differences while finding common ground. On the work front, the trailer of her Hotstar web series Yakshini was launched recently and is due for release, Directed by Teja Marni. Lakshmi also has three Telugu films under various stages of production.


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