Lakshmi Manchu Advocates for Women’s Right to Ask for What They Want. Actors Rakulpreet and Seerat Kapoor Join in

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Mumbai, India – April 12, 2024 – Renowned actress, producer, and philanthropist Lakshmi Manchu has sparked a vital conversation on gender equality and the women’s right to express their desires without fear of judgment or societal backlash. In her recent Instagram post, inspired by a social media viral story of a woman seeking a groom with specific qualifications and income bracket, Lakshmi addressed the prevalent mentality that confines women to fit into predefined roles and expectations set by society.

Lakshmi fearlessly questioned “When will women be allowed to voice their preferences without facing scrutiny or being labelled as unreasonable. She said in her video, “When are we going to get over this mentality that women should only fit into a man’s idea? We’re also human beings, with the same heart, same lungs, same kidneys….When are we going to make it okay for a woman to ask what she wants?”

She emphasized the need to break free from traditional gender norms. “It is a partnership of equals. We want to be with each other because we choose to be with each other,” She also highlighted some standard matrimonial ads placed by men seeking a bride where they have freely expressed their requirements and expectations from their partner, citing these ads, Lakshmi pertinently put, “If men can have their expectations from their partner, why can’t women have? “

The post received widespread support from Lakshmi’s actor friends, fans, media, influencers with actress Seerat Kapoor expressing gratitude for shedding light on the subject and Rakulpreet affirming the right of every individual to ask for what they want in life. Seerat Kapoor said, “Thank you for drawing light to this subject. May many more heal and grow from the collective wisdom and enlightenment shared. More power and courage to you @lakshmimanchu.” Rakulpreet commented, “Woman power you said it !! Every human being has the right to ask for what they want in their life .. man or woman.. period”


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