Iris Music label’s latest Power pact song ‘Mahadev Shambhu’ is out!!!!!

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Mumbai : Iris music label which is known for their blockbuster songs like ‘Shukriya’, ‘Ram Hi Hai’and ‘Chal Badal Badal’ is back with another mind blowing song named “Mahadev Shambhu,” is thrilled to announce that they have released their latest song “Mahadev Shambhu” today on 28th August. So go and embrace the mystical vibes of ‘Mahadev Shambhu’ by Iris Music on the official youtube channel of Iris Music.

Iris music is an emerging music label which has it’s promise to provide you with different, beautiful music and songs. From its first song they make their promise of sweet surprise and they are continuing this promise. Aakash Vashishtha is the founder of IRIS music. Aakash is a young man who believes that music has this power which can transport people from this world to another and Iris music is one of a kind platform for music lovers.

The song “Mahadev Shambhu” is sung by Uvie, the voice behind hits like “Fevicol Se” and “Ye Jawani Le Doobi,” as the lead singer, “Mahadev Shambhu” promises an engaging and soulful experience. Backed by Sankalp Srivastava’s musical brilliance and Aanchal Ahuja’s heartfelt lyrics, the song is a harmonious blend of talent and creativity. Produced under the skillful guidance of Aakash Vashisht, “Mahadev Shambhu” is not just a song; it’s a testament to Iris Music’s commitment to delivering exceptional music.

Head to Iris Music’s YouTube channel, and let “Mahadev Shambhu” wash over you. It’s not just a song; it’s an experience waiting to be discovered.


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