Darasing Khurana, Asha Bhat and Pooja Chopra engage in an enriching session with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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Mumbai : While everyone is looking for ways to keep themselves encouraged during these tough times, actors Asha Bhat, Pooja Chopra and former Mr India International Darasing Khurana engaged in an enriching online session with spiritual guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar recently.

The celebrities asked various questions related to mental and emotional health and sought the guru’s advice. Among the many questions that came up, one of the questions that Asha asked was, ‘Whether in love or career how does one give 100 percent and stay centered despite hurt and failure?’ Dara had an interesting query, too. ‘My upbringing taught me, if i do Seva or donate at some place, I am supposed to keep it a secret for it to be counted as a good karma. But being a youth icon, I realised if I talk about it, I inspire more people to walk that path. So does my donation or Seva count for nothing if I talk to people about it with the intention of inspiring them?’ Pooja asked, ‘What does one do when the heart says one thing and the logical mind another?’ These were among a string of questions that were asked and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar patiently responded to each of them.

Gurudev had an interesting answer to Darasing’s question on charity. He said, “The idea of not speaking about the charity you do was to prevent the ones donating from being boastful or full of ego about themselves and also to ensure that the ones on the receiving end never felt small or unconfident. But your philosophy to share your actions of social welfare to inspire more people to do the same is great. There’s nothing wrong in that.” Responding to Asha’s question about staying centered, he said, “Every failure is a stepping stone to success. So always listen to your gut feeling and go for it. You’ll see that’ll you’ll always feel a sense of success. When you listen to your gut feeling and just march forward, things fall in place. And when in tough situations, always take to prayer. It’s the way out.” Replying to Pooja’s question, the spiritual leader said, “It depends from field to field. In the matters of business, one must listen to the mind. But in matters of life and relationships, listen to your heart.”

The enriching session lasted for about 30 minutes and saw participation by several social media users.


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