Award winning Food Blogger Saloni Panda talks about her content creation journey

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Mumbai News, 28 June 2021 : Saloni Panda is an Award winning Food blogger based in Pune. She started her journey as a content creator in 2017 and has come a long way. Over the 4 years of her content creation journey, she has won 4 National Level awards and recently won the prestigious National Influencer Award, but that is just the beginning of her long list of achievements. Apart from being a food blogger ( Saloni is also an Odissi Dancer and has won many laurels in the field of classical dance and is also a Malaysia book of record holder in abacus.

Let’s find out more about her journey as a food blogger.

“I have always been passionate about cooking and that is when I thought that I should showcase this in the digital world”, she says. “I started with just posting food pictures but now my focus is more on posting recipe videos. Being a digital creator is all about being consistent and posting quality content and I try to give my audience something new every time” she adds. Saloni is a true example of how hard work and consistency can take you a long way. From managing a full time job to her page, she knows how to keep the balance between her passion and a full time job.

Saloni credits her early success to her parents who have always supported her in everything she wanted to do. She lost her father in 2019, but it only made her a stronger person.“Each time I achieve something, I think about how happy my father would be if he were here” she says. “My mother has stood as a rock and she always encourages me” she adds.

Saloni is someone who is passionate about her goals and works hard to achieve them. She is an inspiration to many. When asked about her future plans, Saloni says that she wants to have a successful Youtube Channel and be a Food and Travel show host. She wishes to travel the world and showcase different cuisines in their purest form.


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