Akshay Oberoi draws inspiration from Saif Ali Khan in Omkara, Ranveer Singh from Padmavat for his role in Dil Hai Gray

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Mumbai : Akshay Oberoi, the versatile and acclaimed actor, has revealed that he drew inspiration from iconic grey-shaded characters of Hindi cinema to portray his role in the highly anticipated film “Dil Hai Gray.” Known for his ability to seamlessly transition between roles, Oberoi’s approach to his character in “Dil Hai Gray” reflects his admiration for the complex anti-heroes of Bollywood.

Akshay said, “In preparing for my role in ‘Dil Hai Gray,’ I found inspiration in some of the most memorable grey-shaded characters portrayed on the silver screen. Saif Ali Khan’s portrayal of Langda Tyagi in ‘Omkara,’ Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s chilling depiction of the serial killer in ‘Raman Raghav 2.0,’ and Ranveer Singh’s mesmerizing performance as Alauddin Khilji in ‘Padmaavat’ have left an certain mark on audiences, and I sought to channel their depth and complexity into my performance. I felt that the ease of Saif’s performance was truly something to embody, there was this evil tone to him but also there was a softness to him in Omkara, that ease when playing a grey shaded role isn’t easy to get, that is what I channeled. Khilji is evil yet almost comical at times because of his eccentric behaviour and expressions, these nuances are what made it a good reference point”.

Oberoi’s character in “Dil Hai Gray” is not merely a portrayal of villainy but is imbued with layers of nuance and heroism. “Despite the grey shades, my character embodies elements of heroism and redemption,” Oberoi explained. “It was a fascinating challenge to navigate the intricacies of portraying a character who exists in the moral gray area.”

Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Susi Ganeshan, “Dil Hai Gray” promises to be a captivating exploration of morality, redemption, and the complexities of human nature. The film also stars Vineet Kumar Singh, Urvashi Rautela, and a talented ensemble cast.


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