Actor Pavail Gulati starts Intensive Physical training for his next with Shahid Kapoor, Deva

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Mumbai : Actor Pavail Gulati, known for his versatility in portraying diverse roles, has embarked on a rigorous fitness journey to embody the character of a tough cop in the upcoming film “Deva.”

In preparation for his role, Pavail has dedicated extensive hours to hitting the gym, sculpting his physique to authentically portray the robust image required for his character. His commitment to transforming into a convincing cop involved following a strict fitness regime, showcasing his determination and professionalism.

Contrary to common industry practices, Pavail, a self-proclaimed foodie, opted for a balanced approach to his diet, emphasizing the importance of maintaining overall well-being. Despite confessing his love for occasional indulgence in junk food, Pavail demonstrated discipline, ensuring his dietary choices complemented his fitness regimen.

When asked about his preparation for “Deva,” Pavail stated, “Playing the role of a cop demands physical and mental dedication. I believe in maintaining a healthy balance in my lifestyle, and this includes both my fitness routine and diet. It’s about being true to the character while also prioritizing overall wellness.”

Pavail Gulati also acknowledged the positive influence of working alongside fitness enthusiast Shahid Kapoor during the film’s production. The camaraderie and shared commitment to physical fitness between the two actors served as a motivational factor for Pavail, elevating the collective energy on set.


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