A Dream come true for Sanchay Goswami- working with Raj & DK

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Mumbai : Actor Sanchay Goswami has been receiving an outpouring of appreciation for his portrayal of Nirmal in Netflix’s Guns and Gulaabs. In Guns and Gulaabs, Sanchay Goswami takes on the role of Nirmal, a character deeply rooted in the middle-class ethos of the 90s. Drawing from his personal experiences and his father’s life, Sanchay embraced Nirmal’s simplicity and empathy, making the character an extension of his own life journey. The show’s setting in the 90s allowed him to relive nostalgic moments and authentically portray the era on screen.

Reflecting on his experience working with esteemed directors Raj & DK and acting powerhouse Rajkumar Rao, Sanchay shares, “Being a film student and cinema lover I have been very fanatic about both the directors and I wanted to avoid being over excited in the first meet but I couldn’t contain it. It was a dream come true to be directed by them. While I tend to be a little introverted individual on set, both of them put me at ease, enabling me to express myself uninhibitedly and explore nuances within the character’s framework. I fondly recall an instance when Raj sir thoughtfully provided me with a blanket during a chilly outdoor night shoot in Dehra Dun. Although I initially attempted to conceal it while performing, their genuine concern and empathy for every member of the cast and crew was out there. Rajkumar Rao sir gives out this remarkable energy which is so infectious on set. He is extremely talented and definitely as source of inspiration.”

Sanchay further added, “Sharing the screen with Adarsh Gourav, my co-actor from TVF Hostel Daze, was a seamless experience. Our previous collaboration enabled us to establish a natural rapport that translated effortlessly into our characters on Guns and Gulaabs.”

Amidst his recent success, Sanchay’s film project Naanera is creating waves on the international film festival circuit. The film, which has secured numerous awards at festivals including the Kolkata International Film Festival, OIFFA Canada, and AIFF India, has been praised for its realistic approach and deep cultural exploration.

Sanchay’s dedication to his art has also been evident in his willingness to undergo physical transformations for his roles. Shedding light on the same, Sanchay said, “While my perspective might be subjective, I believe that many emerging actors often feel compelled to conform to certain beauty standards, which can sometimes compromise the authenticity of an artist. This is why, for instance, in the Amazon Mini Show Staff Room, which was released in April this year, I intentionally embraced an appearance that defied typical notions of fitness. In the show, I portrayed an ordinary school teacher. Similarly, for my role in Naanera, I underwent a deliberate weight loss of 5-6 kgs to accurately portray a young boy and even shaved my head to convey the theme of a father’s demise. My primary motivation behind these physical transformations for various roles is rooted in my desire to remain faithful and genuine in my artistic visions. These alterations enable me to immerse myself more deeply in the mindset of a character, fostering a stronger connection between me and the role I’m portraying.”


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