This is a landmark judgment on 3 counts – All children must be treated with parity – Eminent Lawyer Ameet Naik represents Abhishek Bachchan in High Court

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New Delhi : Aaradhya bachchan, daughter of Abhishek and Aishwarya bachchan has filed a suit in Delhi High Court seeking injunction against several channels and uploaders on you tube restraining them from posting fake news about her death / critical illness.

The suit is filed by abhishek bachchan as Aaradhya’s father and natural guardian and also in his individual capacity as a celebrity actor. The suit asserts three torts : 1) breach of privacy, 2) defamation, and 3) infringement of personality rights.

Dayan Krishnan, Ameet Naik, and Pravin Anand appeared for Aaradhya and abhishek. The Delhi high court has granted an order of injunction against the infringers and uploaders from uploading the infringing videos and any such content which infringes the privacy and gives false news of about Aaradhya bachchan. The court has also directed google / you tube to give details of the infringers such as contact number, email id etc

Speaking on the same, Ameet Naik of anand and Naik stated that, “It is a landmark judgment on 3 counts – injunction which upholds privacy of a child, against disseminating false and fake news about a child which is harmful to a child and against defamation. Children must be treated with parity – whether celebrity child or otherwise – court has said that the intermediaries should have a zero tolerance policy on such fake news which is harmful to a child same as that for child pornography”

Dayan argued that in the face of it, these videos are false, fake, defamatory, and uploaded with the end and intent of gaining eye balls and added viewership and subscription to the channel

This is the first of its kind order protecting the rights of a celebrity child who is a minor


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