Seerat Kapoor shares an inspiring lesson from her mother for Women’s Day

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Mumbai : The Tollywood superstar and versatile actress, Seerat Kapoor, is known afar for her acting skills. The actress has a strong grasp of the south industry due to her performance in the films, for which she gets a lot of praises. Seerat Kapoor initiated her Tollywood career with the film “Run Raja Run” which was followed by a number of excellent films like “Columbus”, “Okka Kshanam”, “Maa Vintha Gadha Vinuma”, and “Touch Chesi Chudu”. The actress is multitalented, being a dancer she has worked as an assistant choreographer on the hit film “Rockstar”. In addition to acting and dancing, Seerat Kapoor is a trained Indian Classical singer from Rajesree School Of Music from age 12.

Women’s day is around the corner, an auspicious day of praises and celebrations for the women. Men throughout the world express their gratefulness to women on this day, it is not just the men who are thankful to women but also women themselves. To express an instance regarding her mother Seerat Kapoor took to Instagram, where she posted a little anecdote that goes as, “I remember this one time, mom was preparing me for my school art exam. I sketched a lady with folded hands. Mom said “Seerie, leave the edges free. Have no borders in this painting” I topped the art exam but the lesson she infused in me meant far greater. HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY”. The gratitude Seerat Kapoor shared with us towards her mother is just heart-warming.

On the work front, Seerat Kapoor is all set to make her Bollywood debut in an upcoming film “Marrichh” alongside the classic actor Naseeruddin Shah and Tushar Kapoor, the film is also said to be produced by the Tushar Kapoor Production.


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