Bollywood Star Zareen Khan Rewrites Rakshabandhan Rules in Empowering Celebration

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Mumbai : When you think of Rakshabandhan, an image of a sister tying a rakhi around her brother’s wrist probably comes to mind. But in the dynamic world of Bollywood, actress Zareen Khan infuses it with her unique spirit and breaks stereotypes in the process.

Instead of the usual tradition, Zareen’s sister Sana Khan ties a rakhi on her wrist. Zareen, in return, surprises her with a chocolate or a small gift. As Zareen’s success grew, so did her celebration. She started taking Sana out for a special dinner on Rakshabandhan, making the day even more memorable.

In a world where the mantle of protection is usually passed to brothers, Zareen gallantly embraces that responsibility. Without any brothers, she wholeheartedly steps into the protector’s role, redefining the festival’s essence and rewriting the script of sibling relationships.

This Rakshabandhan, Zareen Khan invites us to reevaluate the roles we play and to let our hearts guide us. Her celebration is a reminder that love transcends boundaries and gender-defined roles, weaving a tapestry of bonds that are as unique as the individuals who share them. Kudos to Zareen Khan for highlighting the sibling bond with a different way of celebrating this festival.


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