MARGDARSHAN- An Open House Counselling Session


Faridabad News, 09 June 2021 : The Pandemic has devastated the life of many since last 1.5 year but let’s not let it impact our young generation which is the future of our nation. The students could not appear for the class 12th exams and are confused as to what the future has in hand for them. Their assessment is not yet decided and they feel that their careers are at stake. During college education a student aims at securing a good job as he thinks that this will give his career the right launch pad. But in the process he might overlook his interests and might land up in a field which is not suitable to his individual capabilities. Identifying these individualistic capabilities and nurturing them is very important to shape our country’s future.

Keeping this in mind and to combat the career related snags of students and help them to make the right career choice the Career Counselling cell of DAV Institute of Management, Faridabad organised “MARGDARSHAN- an open house counselling session from 31st May 2021 onwards on all social platforms. As DAVIM offers various undergraduate courses the event consists of ongoing sessions whereby each day is dedicated to one course. The aspiring students are given all the details about the courses, which they can access at all times on DAVIM Facebook page and they may later contact the counselling team for further details. This multidimensional accessibility will help the students to find out the right field, based on which they can decide the appropriate undergraduate programme to be taken up. DAVIM has taken this initiative mainly to focus on the dreams of the generation next as the right guidance is the first stepping stone to a bright and fulfilling career.


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