Homerton Grammar School Celebrates Exceptional Board Exam Results with Outstanding Achievements

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Faridabad, May 28th. Homerton Grammar School sector 21A Faridabad is proud to announce outstanding achievements in the recent Class X and Class XII board examinations.

Our toppers have set exemplary standards with Yana Sharma (97.40%) and GehnaPahwa (97.60%) leading Class X and Class XII respectively. Other notable Class X performers include ShivangiChaudhary (97.00%), KhushiSuryavanshi (96.00%), and Drishti Sharma (95.00%), while Class XII standouts include DakshitaKatoch (96.00%), SomiyaBudhiraja (95.80%), and SakshiNagal (94.80%).

For both Class X and XII, we achieved a remarkable 100% pass result, with over 40 and 30 students respectively scoring above 80% in aggregate.

The highest marks achieved by students across various subjects in class XII are as follows: In English, Nimanshi scored 97; SomiyaBudhiraja excelled in Accountancy with 96 marks, and also topped Business Studies with 99. RudraBansal led in Chemistry with 95 marks, and ObaidullahAkhtar in Physics with 99. NakulLuthra was the top scorer in Computer Science with 92. GehnaPahwa topped Economics with 97 marks and Psychology with 99. ShrutiChaprana achieved 97 in Political Science, while DakshitaKatoch scored 95 in Mass Media and was a co-topper in Mathematics with SomiyaBudhiraja, both scoring 95. In Painting, six students AkshitIstwal, RudraBansal, Uttam, GehnaPahwa, JaskiratKaur, and DakshitaKatoch achieved the highest mark of 100. Lastly, Aryan Sharma excelled in Physical Education with 99 marks.

The highest marks in various subjects were achieved by outstanding students of grade X, with several securing top scores. Yana Sharma excelled in English and Social Science with 99 marks each,She also led in Hindi with a top score of 95. ShivangiChaudhary achieved the highest score in Mathematics with 99. Drishti Sharma topped Science with 98 marks. In Information Technology, Nitesh Kumar attained a perfect score of 100.

Managing Director, Mr.Rajtheep Singh, extended a heartfelt congratulatory message: “I am incredibly proud of the exceptional results our students have achieved this year. This success is a testament to their relentless efforts and dedication, the unwavering support of their parents, and the tireless commitment of our teachers and staff. Together, we have set a high standard of academic excellence.”


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