Trailer Launch of Upcoming “Movie Ab Dilli Dur” Nahin Held In Delhi


New Delhi : The trailer of film ‘Ab Dilli Dur Nahin’ inspired by Bihar-based IAS officer Govind Jaiswal’s life starring actor Imran Zahid released. The film explores the dynamic of success and failure in life through the story of its protagonist, a simple and naïve village boy from Bihar, who eventually goes on to top the IAS exam.

Directed by kamal Chandra , Written by Dinesh Gautam, Produced by Vinay Bhardwaj and Sanjay Mawar under the banner of Shining Sun Studios, Ab Dilli Dur Nahin will release in theatres on May 12, 2023.

On film’s trailer release Imran said,”It’s not Govind Jaiswal’s biopic, but inspired from his life. We were looking for a relevant subject that would give out a strong message to audience because I believe cinema is the mirror of our society. So we wanted to create something meaningful and from there the idea of making a motivational film for today’s youth came into existence which can inspire and strike a chord in one’s heart.”

Sharing his excitement about the project, producer Vinay Bhardwaj says, “Ab Dilli Dur Nahin is a story that has its connection deeply rooted with the masses. The struggles and perseverance of people from small towns when they arrive in bustling metros like Delhi are relatable to a wide audience and I’m sure this film will have something for everyone to connect with.”


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