Quarantine Challenge: Are you ready to take Challenge, then join Nazar 2 actor Sheezan Mohd Instagram live


Mumbai News, 10 April 2020 : As more people across the globe choose to stay safe at home, fun challenges and viral trends are nearly a given to make the quarantine period bearable and even, memorable. The spread of COVID-19 and puts the whole country on lockdown, millions of Indians — as well as the rest of the world — take to social media to cure the boredom that comes with staying inside for prolonged hours. Among the activities online, some finally succumb to the power of TikTok, a driving force of online challenges; some post an unflattering photo of themselves for 24 hours on Instagram; and many find some humour through the funniest quarantine memes. But this time there’s something new on the way with Television Actor Sheezan Mohd.

Television Actor Sheezan Mohd is known for his dashing looks and amazing acting skills, The versatile hunk, who has been in the television industry for quite some time, has introduced a new trend on social media where you lose a Challenge and you will have to face punishment for it. The punishments can be, break eggs on your head, 15 push-ups, and many more, this all activities will be indoor as per the current situation. Sheezan started this game “Viral Clan Live Show” with one of his friend and now this Punishment challenge is trending on social media.

The actor, who was last seen as Arjun in ‘Tara From Satara’, is playing the lead as Appu in ‘Nazar 2’. Sheezan was seen in an absolutely Mumbaiya avatar in ‘Tara From Satara’. The actor made the girls weak in their knees with his stupendous dance performances. In a short-span Sheezan’s TV career has witnessed major growth. He shot to fame with his performance as Yuvraj Bhoj in Sony TV’s ‘Prithvi Vallabh’. He has also featured in shows like Jodhaa Akhbar, Chandra Nandini, Sil Sila Pyaar Ka, Ek Thi Raani Ek Tha Ravan.


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