Not postponing the NEET and JEE Mains: A wise decision


New Delhi, 26th August 2020: The Supreme Court of India rejected a petition seeking to delay the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Examination (NEET) and Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) scheduled to take place in September amid the COVID-19 pandemic. NEET and JEE are one of the highest competitive exams, opening opportunities for students to get into the most prestigious medical and engineering colleges. These exams cannot be postponed back and forth as already the exams have not been conducted on time so every process regarding them is delayed. From results to counseling, admissions, and, the commencement of colleges, every procedure will be delayed. Therefore, the exams should be conducted smoothly on the given schedule in a secure and healthy atmosphere by following all the directions and advisories sincerely. There are lakhs of students who appear for the NEET and JEE exam wishing to get enrolled into the finest government and private colleges.

It is a rational decision taken by the Supreme Court not to extend the postponement any further as the students would then lose the interest and motivation to prepare for these demanding exams and eventually it will impact their results. Other than the new aspirants some aspirants will reappear for these exams and try their luck to score better this time so, if the exams are postponed any further it will raise the anxiety and stress levels among these students as they will have a fear of missing another academic year and it will put the students future at risk. Students have been preparing for these exams for several months and some of them are preparing for it for over a year or two now so postponing these exams at such a crucial point will throw their preparations in anarchy. As postponement will lead to a gap of year in medical college studies it will also affect future medical services. This will become an issue of national interest. We are already in the middle of a pandemic and we all are relying on our doctors who put so much effort and risk their lives to save the lives of people. So, if the exams are postponed any further there could be a possible void of healthcare workers shortly. It is also important for the parents and students to understand that the COVID pandemic might be here for a long time and exams should be conducted regardless.

Gaurav Tyagi, Founder of Career Xpert said, “Students who will be appearing for the exams this year are likely to face less pressure. Although the students will get more time to prepare for the exams if they get delayed, the competition will also increase. So, for many students, it will be beneficial if the exams are conducted according to the schedule and once the exams are conducted the students will be relieved of the mental pressure they are facing due to uncertainty and the government made provisions that the exams will be conducted with proper monitoring and guidelines which would pose less danger than what the students and parents are thinking.”


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