Indulge in Mindful snacking with Cornitos Pumpkin Seeds

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New Delhi News, 29 Feb 2020 : With the fresh breath of spring in the air and sudden snack cravings, your healthy eating plans can go for a toss. Well, not so much if you are a wee bit mindful of your snacking options. Cornitos, the flagship brand of Greendot health Foods Pvt. Ltd., has launched 30 grams packs of roasted Pumpkin Seeds that will easily satiate your cravings. Pumpkin Seeds is a healthy super food which the world is talking about. A powerhouse of minerals like iron and zinc, pumpkin seeds are also a great source of protein.

This scrumptious and crunchy snack boosts your energy levels and keep you full for longer hours. They are great to taste, convenient to carry and can also be added to salads, gravies, cake batters and any other dish you can think of!

So, grab a snack pack and munch on with your loved ones.

Availability: It is available in all Retail outlets across India


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