{igebra.ai} introduces math++ Dots learning program focusing on Math, Data, and AI Thinking for 1st to 4th graders, designed by social visionaries


New Delhi News, 22 Jan 2022: US-based ed-tech startup {igebra.ai} has created a new generation unique program called math++ that blends Mathematics with Data and AI thinking, to empower students to meet the demands of the rapidly advancing digital world. The innovative program offers the Math++ Dots package, designed specifically for 1st to 4th-grade students. The innovative program has been launched for students in India and several other countries. In India, the price of the math++ dots program is INR. 4999 at https://igebra.ai/.

Designed by global social visionaries with over 20 years of experience in Data and AI, the program is backed by inputs and guidance from veterans and experienced leaders from all over the world.

The three essential parts of the math++ Dots program:

● {iPi}math: It focuses on the application of mathematical concepts to real-life contexts, making math engaging and fun like never before.

● {iPi}RobArt: An innovative blend of math and algorithms to create art, patterns, animations, and games, using SCALA programming

● {iPi}Express Smart: It promotes design thinking and storytelling skills using data to boost creativity, confidence, and critical thinking

The program works in tandem with several highly qualified math++ educators, trained and certified by {igebra.ai}, who focus on the holistic development of students. This is achieved through a number of activities that help ignite curiosity, enhance creativity, boost confidence, improve problem-solving skills, and develop leadership skills in kids of all ages.

Srini Vemula, Founder and CEO at {igebra.ai}, said, “Math++ is a specially designed intuitive learning program that takes the theoretical knowledge that is imperative for today’s digital world and makes it interactive and dynamic, and practically applicable. It helps students learn better and have fun while doing it! As such, our mission is to “Inspire curiosity and confidence in kids to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more” through math++.


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