“I never took betrayal from friends in friendship, really,” says actress Khatija on the occasion of this Friendship Day


Mumbai News, 06 Aug 2022 : Khatija is Bollywood’s, one of the most talented actress. Enjoying a massive fan following of 59.7K the actress always entertains them with her drop-dead pictures on her gram. She is a well-established actress who has always smitten her fans with her stunning style. Khatija recently shared a bikini picture which set the Internet on Fire!!!

On the special occassion of friendship day giving her take on the importance of friendship the actress responded “I value friendship above everything else”. Sharing on how she manages her busy schedule and quality time with friends Khatija says, “There is nothing to manage most times its always spontaneous plans and turns out to be perfect!! At the end of the day in a city like Mumbai your friends become your family”, where she also confesses her profound love for Mumbai. The actress also revealed if she had experienced betrayal from her friends, she mentioned “Not that I know of any, or I never took as a betrayal really- just a few circumstances… but no grudges against anyone.” khatija is undoubtedly a loving friend.

The actress also expressed her desire on working with the talented bunch of friends she is blessed with to which the actress says, “I would love to work with Abhishek Banerjee once again. I think he is fabulous, and very intelligent, apart from shooting together, we have had great conversations about cinema and acting. Also, a few director friends of mine I would love to work with Rahi Anil Barve and Vishal Furia for sure someday!!”

Something that amazed us all was whether fame is important or friendship responding to which Khatija stated “Friendship means the world to me any day!”

Khatija response shows the pure heart she has for her friends.

On the professional front, Khatija is currently acclaiming love for her performance in “The Weddings of Munnes” alongside Abhishekh Banerjee and Barkha Singh, which was released on Voot.
Apart from that, the actress also has a few more exciting projects under the pipeline for which the official announcement will be made soon.


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