Best tricks of Ice-cubes for skin in this summer & monsoon weather, by Celebrity Make-up expert, Aashmeen Munjaal


Health News , 01 Aug 2019 : Ice cubes are basically the frozen components made out of water or any other liquids, mashed vegetables or fruits can be used to freeze ice cubes can be proven as a miracle for this summer and monsoon weather. Few tricks given by Director Star and Salon Academy, Aashmeen Munjaal

· We often face problems of open pores and tanning, in this case, you need to prepare potato, cucumber and tomato paste and freeze it on ice try and the cubes turn out to do wonders for your skin.

· Rub the cubes over your face it properly and leave it for 20 mins and then rinse. Used twice daily, it will works as a great cleanser and toner. If you have dry skin add 2 -3 almonds to this paste and it will be a boon for your skin.

· Add lime juice odicolon, for Oily skin into the cube, it keeps your skin odor free and well nourished. You can also use it for underarms as it helps to control the excessive sweat and odor.

· For the one with patchy skin sunburnt, you can use aloe Vera cubes to cure and nourish your skin. You can add jasmine or neem oil which is very good for the skin. Just take one cube and rub it over your skin, neck, knuckles, and elbows and leave for 15-20 mins to remove dark cells and tanning.

· Make sure that the water is drinking or RO purified and not hard which may result in skin breakouts and patches.

· When comes to the puffy eyes, ice-cubes can work like magic. You just need to prepare an ice cube pack with milk & green tea. Store the mixture of green tea in an ice tray, and you can apply it whenever needed. Clean towel is must for patting your skin to dry.

· Ice-cubes can also work on acne pores. It can be used to treat acne problems. It helps in resultant redness and calming the swelling. Make sure before applying the ice-cubes, you rinse and dry your face clean. For a while keep applying ice cubes continuously and at a regular interval thereafter.

· As waxing is highly common beauty procedure in women and men as well. One of the best ways of getting rid of unwanted hair from face and body. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of you skin while waxing. Especially for the sensitive skin ice-cube is a brilliant way to pamper you. Rubbing ice-cubes on the waxed area will definitely give relief to the discomfort area and also helps in reducing redness on skin which is bit common after wax.

· One of the other best uses of ice-cubes can also make your foundation last & longer in the hot, humid season. The process is very simple, after cleaning your skin, apply astringent toner on your face with cotton. Right after wrap an ice-cube in a clean cotton cloth and gently apply on your face for few seconds.

· The only rule you need to follow, make sure you apply ice-cubes it in the right way, not more than 15 minutes,

So, nothing to wait now, pick up your ice-cubes and help your skin feel free from all the dirt and discomfort.


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