THE BINDING THREADS- Chhaap collection for those modern women who prefer wearing comfortable ethnic clothes


New Delhi News, 12th Jan 2020 : The binding threads is about modern Indian dressing with a hint of ethnic identity. As our first collection, Chhaap was about deriving inspiration from its fabric, chanderi. We adopted a communication that speaks for the fabric itself. The main idea behind the name satisfies two purposes- the chanderi fabric has a form of printography and when you wear it you leave a mind print, an impression on people with your dress sense.

The brand is not restricted to the attires which can be only worn on certain occasions but it is something that women can wear on a daily basis as well. Our brand is for those modern women who prefer to wear comfortable ethnic clothes without compromising authenticity.

The brand strives to create a position for itself in the world of Indian fashion and to be recognized as a brand who provides trendy yet comfortable indo-western clothing.

About the brand: Our purpose is to serve modern Indian dressing with a hint of ethnic identity. The smallest of the block, the tiniest preposition that creates a cloth-thread. The Binding Threads as a name justifies the culturally ingrained and gives importance to the fabric in its entirety. Just how knitting needles click perfectly and create a cloth with sheer passion and labor, the threads tell a tale of compassion that the artist has put in for the design.

Store Located in:

125-B Shahpur Jat, New Delhi- 110049




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