Tanu Yadav an enthusiastic young artist is holding an exhibition of her modern colorful paintings


New Delhi News, 01 Nov 2019 : Tanu Yadav an enthusiastic young artist is holding an exhibition of her modern colorful paintings, Her paintings are bright and colorful and create images that have layers of meanings and communicate to the audience at different levels. The interplay of colors creates visual symphonies that traverse the time-space interacting with the human emotions and opening portals to understand deeper ‘Self’, giving a semblance of harmony in foregrounded anarchy. It is for the viewers to delve deep into colors and themselves.

“Colours are an artist’s best friend, however, naturally I have a favorite color, Red, and I do feel I use it a lot as it depicts so many different emotions, power, fire, love, anger, energy, and primal life forces. Life is a Carnival, we all must attend to, and so is Art,” explains Tanu.

Artists love the fact that their paintings tell a story, sometimes providing the human mind an escape from reality, where the ‘ABSTRACT’ comes on its own and becomes a meaningful entity. It is this universal art of storytelling that the artist tries to imbibe in her creations, substituting words with colors to weave threads of stories, progressing from one canvas to another, like the waves in the ocean, though discordant yet in perfect harmony. Tanu likes to depict the modern pop culture in her paintings, resulting in bright and vibrant art pieces that bring life, color, and vision to our lives.

Describing her art, Tanu says, “ The subject matters for my works are universal in appeal. It is the story of modern pop culture which has made the world a place of singular vibrancy; a lifelong exhilarating party of sound and lights, carrying within itself an invisible portal to vibrant energized arenas created by us and our wonderful pulsating lives. My works focus on the interaction of the individuals with their immediate landscape and prevailing culture, trying to replicate every resulting emotion with a stroke of a brush on canvas.”

Ethereal Harmony starts from 1st November to 11th November 2019 at Triveni Gallery, Mandi House, New Delhi. Tanu is a student of the M.F.A College of Art and her paintings have been displayed at Group Shows since 2015. Tanu recently received the Award of Excellence at the 85TH Annual Exhibition of Arts Organised by the Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar.


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