“Siyaram’s launches an Anthem4Good “One India My India” in National Capital with Cricket Legend Kapil Dev and the Team of the Song”


New Delhi News, 14 May 2019 : Today, Siyaram’s launched an Anthem4Good “ One India My India” in the presence of legend Kapil Dev. Director and Co-Producer of the song, Shailendra Singh, Jubin Nautiyal( Singer), Mithoon (Music Composer) and Debutant Singer, Godswill were also present at the event. The event was held at Shangri-la Hotel, New Delhi.

The duo is co-produced by Shailendra Singh and Mithoon and sung by Jubin Nautiyal and Godswill. One India My India (Ek Bharat, Mera Bharat), Anthem4Good aims to unite all 1.4 billion Indians across the planet in celebration and oneness. The song is supported and celebrated by Siyaram’s who has always honored India with the tagline,” Come Home To India”.

Present at the event, Director, Shailendra said, “This video is shot in different parts of the country and all the people seen in the video are candid people, they are not actors or trained artists. The very thought of the video is that we all are one. ”

Cricket Legend, Kapil Dev mentioned,” After watching the song I felt, we are blessed to be in such a diverse country, where we have so many cultures and languages which makes us unique. The song is beautifully composed and portrays the uniqueness of this country.”

Music Composer, Mithoon spoke, ” We have always been taught that there is no other place like India. In this video song, we celebrate the spirit of our culture and diversity of the country. India is a beautiful painting and every color denotes a different culture. So this is the essence of this song.”

Singer, Jubin Nautiyal, ” This song has been a one and a half year Journey for me. It puts together a lot of great things that unify us. I want to give one message to my generation that this is the country we are from and we should never forget that.”


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