PM Narendra Modi invited delegates representing MSMEs and other business sectors


New Delhi News, 28 Dec 2019 : PM Narendra Modi invited delegates representing MSMEs and other business sectors for a meeting at his residence which was a 2-1/2 hour of very candid, heart to heart discussions in a round table with a closed group of only 12 people representing Retail Sector, Renewable Energy & MSMEs.

Mr. Rajive Chawla, Chairman of IamSMEofIndia was amongst the few MSME delegates. The main agenda of discussion was to share issues, ideas, thoughts and suggestions to revive the business environment and support the development of MSMEs.

Mr. Chawla said “It’s indeed a rare honour and privilege for me to be invited by PM for consultations concerning MSMEs. I dedicate this honour to all the members of IamSMEofIndia and its stakeholders.”

Sharing the experience of the meeting with the PM, he said, “PM made us all feel extremely comfortable, exhorting us to speak unhesitatingly, and fearlessly. Other than the 12 of us industry representatives, only one government official was present. So it was only the PM who listened to us for good 180 minutes, without any interruption.”

Mr. Chawla spoke for about 25 minutes and apprised is the PM about the challenges faced by the MSMEs & also presented about 11 suggestions to overcome those.

“PM listened to all the 12 representatives with rapt attention without once giving any feeling of time limit. Moreover, the positivity that emanated from the PM, his brief and rare interjections, were only to encourage us to speak our minds candidly”, Mr Chawla said.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Chawla politely requested for a photo with PM for which he immediately obliged and called for the camera team for a group picture.

Thanking PM Modi, Mr. Chawla said he was glad to note that the Prime Minister was interacting with MSME representatives to know the ground realities and it was a really rare occasion. Mr. Chawla said he feels honoured to have close discussions with the PM and that these moments shall remain an unforgettable experience for the lifetime.


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