Dual Dance of Absence and Presence of Light and Darkness on Canvas by Chaula Doshi – Game of Light


New Delhi News, 26 Nov 2019 : Children are afraid of the dark, when they grow up they may get scared of light. What do we call this? The circle of life or the cycle of light?

The question was asked for the first time when the big bang happened and the whole universe got an illuminating beginning. Trillions of stars burst themselves igniting the grand opera of the galaxy while the universe remains dark. This is exactly what our life is. We nurse our dreams in the dark and wish them to be fulfilled in full light. The human journey can be explained by this flow: from lightless to enlightenment to gloom.

Ahmedabad based international artist Chaula Doshi has highlighted the dual dance of light and dark on canvas. The exhibition will continue till 27th November at AIFACS,1 Rafi Marg, New Delhi from 11 am onwards. The Exhibition was revealed by Shri Prahlad Singh Patel, Hon. Minister of State for Culture and Tourism, Shri Parshottam Rupala, Hon. Minister of State for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare and Padmshree Biman Bihari Das, Chairman, AIFACS.

The first art ever created in human history was not by colors or metals but the rays and shadow. In this exhibition, fluorescence is captured on canvas. Two inseparable elements, dark and light, are ‘painted’ in such a way that a new shining perspective towards the world can brighten our vision. Her Immense creativity in these artworks provides a glaring window through which we can see the beauty of dusk and dawn.

The 3×3′ and 5×5′ canvases are backlit and come alive as an optical manipulation in the blacked-out dark exhibition space and take us to a different hyper-realistic world altogether.

In the current exhibition, “Game of Lights,” she has transposed natural phenomena in its very bare outlines onto canvases made of Markin (madarpat), multi-purpose grey cotton in unprocessed form, upon which she adds images by adding extra layers to the canvas from the same cotton material through clever patchworking. Since it is an easily available, versatile and inexpensive cloth, the idea is to show us how the small miracles of life that we enjoy are indeed simple pleasures we can partake of as and when we wish to and cost us almost nothing.


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