Dr. Anuj Choudhary advice to stay healthy and energetic during Unlock 2.0


New Delhi, 9th July 2020 : Unlock 2.0 has a direct effect on many areas of our lives, including our health and diet. Binge watch on Netflix had made everyone lazy and unaccomplished. People are consuming all kinds of food which are making them unhealthy. Being at home in quarantine can make us eat more and move less, so we need to keep our diet and physical activity on the right track. Physical activity will help you to stay energetic which will keep you healthy as well in this lockdown. Being quarantined at home is the best time you can adapt any good habit in your routine. Exercising and sports are the best things that can keep you up energetic. Just because local gyms and all fitness centers are closed that doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself moving indoors.

Instead, the upside of the lockdown is bringing the gym to you. There are several exercises and interesting workouts that you can easily do at home. Workout and exercising are only effective if we follow a proper balanced diet along with it. Along with this you should also take care of your eating habits. Replace the food from your kitchen with healthy food. All the food items that contain sugar like custard, cake and ice cream are all high in calories so replace these with oats and muesli. Cooking healthy dishes in your kitchen will not only keep your health fit but will also rekindle your love for cooking. Try to eat more fruits and green vegetables. Sleeping is another important aspect of health as sleep is essential for our body to repair cells, clear toxins and consolidate our memories.

Along with Exercising and Dieting it’s really important to do some calm activities as well. There is a lot of exercising that can bring peace to your mind. Meditation and Yoga are the best calming exercises that you can do at home. Connecting to nature is also a good way of being healthy. Being at home in lockdown is getting people in depression and anxiety and many celebrities and coaches are helping people online to get through this lockdown. Self-care and being active is the best you can do in this lockdown for your health care.

Dr. Anuj Choudhary, Founder of Animal Booster Nutrition said, “My advice to all is keeping yourself busy in maintaining your health. This time at home is the most essential time that you can utilize working on yourself. People being at home and bored is certainly increasing boredom eating all the unhealthy food and snacks which later will affect their health and body. This is going to extend and we still have a lot of time to reduce that extra fat that we have been carrying. Exercising and Workout are the best options for being fit in homes and if you’re not doing it regularly then you need to start with step by step. Starting from easy warm-up exercising and gradually moving towards core exercising like weight lifts, lunges, squats and pushups. With this, I also suggest people knock out that unhealthy food item from your kitchen and fill it with some healthy snacks. All junk and fried food is just going to harm your body and give you extra weight. So you must eliminate all the outside and unhealthy eating.”


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